Urban Theme Park

By Holly Emery | Jun 22, 2013

High street store Urban Outfitters meets abandoned theme park in Berlin. This month Urban Outfitters have released their latest campaign. The team traveled into Berlin to their chosen location, an abandoned theme park. A visually stunning overgrown landscape, with ghosts of the forgotten rides hidden between the trees. Though the park has been closed since 1999, it has been used…
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Capture your Summer in Style

By Holly Emery | May 21, 2013

My memory is shockingly bad, so photography for me is a way of keeping loads of memories safe. I could spend hours looking back at ┬áthe bad hairstyles, fashion and goofy faces of me, my friends and family. Back in my first year of college we were focusing on film cameras for a project, which is when my love of…
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