Photos / City Rocks: Walk This Way

By Mike Distras | Oct 22, 2011

We sent off one of our photographers to City Rocks in Leeds. With a mix of Music, Fashion and Entertainment, read on to check out some of the results!  

Get Fit With BMMA Leeds

By Mike Distras | Oct 20, 2011

We’ve all been there. Needing to lose an extra few pounds, trying to tone up, or just trying to improve your overall fitness. Or even if you have had a stressful day at work, and your boss has been shouting at you for some reason or another, and you just need to release some of that built up aggression? (We…
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Leeds Fashion Show 2011

By Mike Distras | Oct 19, 2011

The 6th annual Dress Me Beautiful  show would not have been possible without the help of the sponsors, Trinity Leeds, Virtual FD & LHC Ltd. Trinity Leeds – A new retail experience in the heart of Leeds. Virtual FD – Financial support for small and start up business. LHC Ltd – Image rights management. Friday 14th October saw the amazing Leeds Fashion…
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End Of Summer Fashion Show 2011

By Mike Distras | Oct 16, 2011

Wild Child Media was lucky enough to attend the annual End of Summer Fashion show 2011 in Leeds. The organisers Victoria Rosso and Co put together a fantastic Fashion event that the people of Leeds should be very proud of. Now in it’s third year, the show once again entertained guests with a spectacular opening from violinist Katarzyna Maria Chruscicka,…
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Yongnuo RF 603 Radio Trigger Review

By Mike Distras | Oct 14, 2011

We have recently been looking into wireless radio triggers here at WildChild HQ, and we were not short of options for us to choose. However, after digging a little deeper into each brands radio triggers, it was obvious there were big differences between brands and costs. The main difference would be the costs between the cheaper Chinese triggers (£20 –…
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ACiD Drop Release 7 Track EP

By Mike Distras | Oct 12, 2011

We recently caught up with the ACiD Drop guys, and also updated them with some new promotional shots taken by our very own photography department. Some of the latest news from them is they they’re releasing a 7 track EP, which will be available through iTunes and Spotify on the 3rd December through their own Pie Race Records. They will…
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Dylan Brierley – Musician

By Mike Distras | Oct 9, 2011

A few months back, WildChild stumbled across a music video that left everyone in the office speechless. The video was called “Morley Song” and was sung by a young 13 year old songwriter called Dylan Brierley. Dylan is one of many talented artists in West Yorkshire that we should all look out for in the future. His relaxed and laidback…
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London Fashion Week 2011

By Mike Distras | Oct 7, 2011

So here we are, at one of the largest fashion events in the world, London Fashion Week and held at the beautiful Somerset House in London! With so much constantly going on around you, whether its somebody asking to take your photograph, stylists arriving to the event, or seeing the latest fashion designs being whizzed around on a rail being…
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